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Your legacy of love is art.



The Important Stuff:

When you book us for your wedding or adventure elopement, you're not only getting fun and an adventurous time, you're setting the standard of a real-life love story. But in order to create an epic story, we work endlessly to ensure your timeline is in tip-top shape which includes- providing recommendations for scenic spots, vendors, natural posing, and most importantly- getting to know who you are so we can capture that sincere love story adventure.

Our Style:

Our shooting style varies from cinema style all the way to documentary. Cinema style is more stylized but in a "you and your significant other" type of way. The more we get to know you, the more natural you look and feel on camera. A documentary-style look is when we capture things the way they are- nothing forced, nor staged - just letting things be. Because we know every love story is unique, we want to capture the natural things. Whether it be the sudden comedic bursts from your husband or the sweet innocent giggles your wife makes. We make sure we know you better enough to get those details.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple. We don't look at your elopement, small wedding, or adventure session for "now". We want to ensure even 50 years from now, you're going to look back at your gallery and be reminded of the best day of your life. Also, when others look at your gallery, we want them to feel inspired, not by how amazing your pictures look, but by the sincere love the two of you share - that it becomes a beacon of inspiration when it comes to a real love story.

Branch with leaves.