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Central California

Beaches, Farms & Openness

From the beautiful Coastal towns, to the luscious agricultural sceneries, Central California is one of the most underrated yet beautiful regions to get married. We love when we are in this part of California due to the simplicity it offers. No real restrictions, no hassles, and no problems. Just lovely views and sceneries.

We also have fun in the most random of places. Pictured on the left, we found our services needed in an amusement park! This was in Santa Cruz, California in the central coast at the famous- Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The couple originally had their plans set for Yosemite National Park , but due to the wildfires they had to settle for something different. Not a bad trade at all.

We began the day in Santa Clara for the getting ready portion. Then had the ceremony at Henry Cowell State Park with the beautiful redwood trees. And concluded the day with a train ride to the Boardwalk.

Five Steps To Getting Things Done

  1. Consult

  2. Plan

  3. Shoot

  4. Have Fun

  5. Deliver

In the gorgeous town of Santa Barbara, California, Jessica and Ryan became one. Not only that, their last names became one as well. Jessica and Ryan weren't too weary on who will take each other's last name. Instead, they opted to combine and fuse their last names into one unified name. Rossman + Madera = Maderossman. I think they just received the most unique wedding award.


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