Quick 2022 Hawaiian Wedding Guide

Surf, sun and fun.

On the islands of Hawaii comes aloha. Festive dances, cultural settings and absolute wonders make this an amazing getaway for couples looking to get married in paradise. Getting married in this amazing US state is one the best decisions you can ever make. Most of our clients that get married in Hawaii are from the mainland, making this a destination hotspot. Can you make this dream wedding become a reality? Don't worry, we're here to help.

1. Location

First and foremost, we encourage you to visit one of the islands you wish to get married on. You'll find that you'd prefer one island over the other for various reasons but the greatest thing about getting married in Hawaii is that you can't go wrong. Without exaggerating, all islands are gorgeous, luscious and magical. Just an FYI, you can't forecast the weather most of the time. But they do have a saying- it's wedding season all year round.

2. Venue

From here, you'll want to visit a venue that can host your big day. Choose one that will accept your guest size, how loud your music can play, how late you can run the reception, if they provide tables/chairs, if outside catering is allowed, if there is room to board your immediate family, and most importantly - if they are not booked for your wedding.

3. Vendors

The most important thing you need to know is that whomever you choose you should find ones: that you can trust, be able to collaborate with, be able to answer all your questions, be able to take the lead, has wedding experience and someone you can have a great time with. It's like the person you're going to marry. It has to be the right fit or else it won't work and you will be burning money away.

Once you have all the moving pieces together and dates locked-in, begin planning with your planner and all other media vendors. Create the most rock-solid timeline ever to minimize troubles on your big day and ensure everyone is on the same page so that you can enjoy the day rather than worry what you need to do next.


Gabby + Kevin

One of the most down-to-earth couples we have ever had a chance to work with. Gabby and Kevin are from the beautiful state of Virginia and they absolutely had the time of their lives getting married on the Big Island. The day started the day at the Kona Beach Bungalow. They had their first look with Gabby also twirling Kevin. Fun guy. The ceremony was held at Painted Church 14 away. The church was surreal. Painted with pastel colors from ceiling to floor. Then they ended the day with their first dance, speeches from family, and good old family fun at Kona Beach Bungalow.

A Sweet Message from Gabby + Kevin

"Capture Your Legacy produced a wedding video for our destination wedding in Hawaii. If we could give them more stars we would. We were so impressed, it was a one of a kind, beautifully mastered work of art, and exactly what we wanted. So easy to work with and responsive to what we were looking to accomplish, we were so lucky to find them on Thumbtack. You only have one opportunity to preserve this event and he gets the highest marks in all areas, communication, fair pricing, top notch video production and editing. Our family loved the video he produced, we cannot thank you enough for preserving this cherished event for all of us. We were able to come home to Virginia and re-live all the happy tear filled moments all over again. Mahalo"


Maui Lovers

An elopement that was fun, adventurous and humbling. When they originally booked with us, it was for video. Then when they understood the value of our photography, they instantly loved the idea of doing both. So we traveled out to Maui to meet with them. During the day, they were looking to us for guidance and that's what we did. They did not know what to expect, no coordinator, so we took the reign and had a blast with these two. One of our favorite elopements in all of our client history.


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