The Official 2019 Legacy Wedding Style Guide

To all the Brides and Grooms who are on a journey to the rest of your lives. This is for you.

Matt & Lacey share a splendid walk towards the sunset.

Over the years, we have been perfecting our style in this ever-changing industry. We love nature, we love texture, we love stories, we love candids but most importantly, we love when couples have a heavenly experience.

It's our duty to ensure that your day-of experience is as natural as possible without having the pressure of having the "perfect" wedding or elopement. We love sharing awesome moments with our couples and are willing to bet you will want that too. With that said, we love for things to be - simple but grand, planned but organic, and serious but cheerful.

Since 2008, we've been perfecting our craft to make your wedding/elopement experience the absolute best it can be. When we are with you, we make sure that we are at our highest level of energy, creativity, and timing.

Our clients rave about our work not because of our style of shooting, but just simply of how we interact with our clients. You get an energized boost when you're with us and that's something that cannot be taught or duplicated. We are about positivity because if there's one thing we know, when you feel your best, you look your best. Would you agree?


Sonal & Abhi find peace and tranquility in the fountain known as the Pacific Ocean.


No matter the choice of color palette you decide on, we ensure that it pops on camera in both digital video and photo. During the editing phase, we lock onto the specific colors using tools in our editing software to precisely reveal the true vibrancy.


We do our best to find the best angles, exposure, composition, lighting, and colors. This is our simple guide to snapping wonderful moments in your wedding/elopement.

Candid Moments

It comes with time and practice. Anticipation is key when pressing a shutter button on a camera. And just like a predator in the wild, we find our moments subtly and precisely.


Over the years, the wedding industry has morphed itself and fused with the fashion industry. Nowadays, wedding photography and videos have stylized poses that can be traced back to fashion or modeling. This is the new norm and we absolutely love it.


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