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Wild & Adventurous Zion Elopement

Brittany and Joseph are quite the adventurers! They came all the way from Florida to experience the majestic grandeur of Zion National Park.

The day began at the Hi-Road Basecamp where both Brittany and Joseph got ready for their big day. While waiting for their friend to arrive to officiate and become a witness, Brittany got ready inside the cabin while Joseph got ready outside the cabin. Once their friend arrived and both were prepared, they held their ceremony just outside of their cabin.

Once they gave each other their vows, rings, and kiss, they were officially pronounced as husband and wife!

We took the energy of their union into Zion National Park, where we took amazing photos in different parts of East Zion. The ultimate adventure was at the Zion Canyon Overlook trail where we hiked 2 miles roundtrip to take stunning photos. A surprise came along when it began to snow! Being a super-trooper, Brittany toughed it out while in her gorgeous wedding dress.

On our decent from the overlook, we decided to conclude their amazing adventure elopement on the virgin river with the stunning view of the Watchman all while the sun was setting. They got wild and dirty and went bare foot into the freezing virgin river. Pretty worth it if you ask me because they got an experience that they will never forget!

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