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Our elite Yosemite team is unmatched. Every vendor you work with are highly qualified and experienced to perform their duties in the rugged terrains of Yosemite National Park. Not to mention, our ability to interweave our separate services around each other is key to being on time and efficient. All of this began with Erica & Ryan's wedding (see below) and flourished into an unstoppable group of professionals on a quest to providing a satisfying-tear-jerking adventure.




When you begin the day-of preparation, you meet with Summer (Wildflower Bride) & Dawn Kelly (the most experienced elopement photographer in Yosemite). As these fine lovely ladies begin their top-of-the-line services, Capture Your Legacy arrives to prep for the day ahead and ensure video quality is of the highest. Once the final touches by Summer are complete, Dawn Kelly & Legacy Weddings will take you to a scenic and secluded place for a First Look that's away from park visitors. This moment is for you to share with each other. And after all the tears have been wiped clean, we journey onward to your ceremony to get you two married the way you have planned.


After the announcement as a married couple and the sea of "congratulations" have been said, we hit the road to several gorgeous sceneries in all of Yosemite. From a golden-meadow to a stunning "Tunnel View" of Yosemite to glistening waterfalls, we take you to places where you choose to be. Then to top the magical day, we conclude the elopement with a breathtaking view of Half-Dome from Glacier Point where you and your significant other will enjoy the last few minutes of the sunset.


Adventurous Yosemite Elopement - Lindsey & Alex
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Lindsey & Alex decided to elope in the most wonderful place in the world- Yosemite National Park. The experience they shared along with their dearest friends is something that cannot be forgotten. Before the storm began, they enjoyed a wonderful time in the valley, frolicking in the meadows, climbing fallen trees, and enjoying intimate moments by the Merced River. Near sundown, they held their ceremony on top of Glacier Point where rain began to pour. But that didn't stop the ceremony from concluding.


Emotional & ADVENTUROUS Yosemite Elopement | w/ PRIVATE Vows | BMPCC 6K Pro
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