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Elegant & Gorgeous Wedding Celebration - Amanda & Cullen

Newly married couple embracing one another during sunset underneath a vail.
Amanda and Cullen embracing each other during sunset.

Tucked in the hills of Sebastopol, California- Amanda and Cullen had the great pleasure to celebrate their love in front of their closest friends and family at the Vine Hill House winery venue. Although they are technically married, they wanted to share and experience a celebration that they never got due to shutdowns. Now some 831 days later, they were able to do just that.

Bride and bridesmaids have a toast in pajamas.
Amanda and her ladies enjoying a glass while sharing memories.

Amanda and the girls began the day getting ready inside the main house and Cullen and the guys arrived at the venue suited and ready. The girls circled together, excited with champagne in hand to say something they love or appreciate or to share an experience they've had with Amanda. And what we got was magical! Tears, laughs, and sincerity all around for the gorgeous bride.

Groom, his father enjoying beer with friends.
With Cullen's friends, father, & father-in-law, they shared some great memories and a ton of laughter!

After the bride got her hair & make up done, she shared an intimate moment with her mother who got to see her in her dress for the first time. Following that special moment, Amanda and Cullen got to see each other for the first time that day. Grabbing him by his waist-side, she clutched him closer and tighter while interlocking their fingers. They then shared their intimate vows with one another while close friends and family watched from inside the house.

Bride and groom kissing privately.
Amanda and Cullen sharing their first look with a first kiss.

Right before they began dinner, we had the opportunity to take Amanda and Cullen around the property venue and give them the chance to slow down and appreciate one another. Walking through the vineyards was an experience to-die-for. We finished the session at the front of the venue while the sun set behind the rolling hills of Sebastopol.

From there, they had their amazing bridal party line-up introduced to the wonderful and excited guests. After they served dinner, close friends, Cullen's three sisters, and their parents got to share wonderful memories of Amanda & Cullen's love journey. From the moment they met, to the college years at Chico State, and their global journey around the world, no stone was left unturned.

The ending of the night, was only the beginning. The bride and groom shared a gorgeous first dance, then with Cullen's mother & Amanda's father. But the groove kicked up with all the guests dancing to classic songs and today's heart-pounding tracks. Jonas had planned something fun for Cullen, he asked the best man- Scott to gather the strongest men in the group to surprise Cullen by lifting him in the air as best as they could and celebrating the most important man of the day.

From top to bottom, their wedding was stunning, elegant, and simply amazing. Check out their gallery below to witness their heartfelt wedding.

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