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Northern California

Love In The Valley, Mountains and Sea

Are you considering getting hitched somewhere in Northern California? We have you covered! Our extensive background in shooting both photo and video in venues, churches, hotels, national/state parks or simply the wilderness, will keep you at ease. From permits, to timelines, to recommendations, we will have you covered from head-to-toe. That's just been our style. To be there from the beginning to help with choices that you aren't sure of. It helps big time with photos and videos when we have some input on any stage of planning.

Four Reasons Why Our Clients Hire Us

  • We build instant trust during the first meeting.

  • We make couples feel comfortable with our easy-going personality.

  • We offer solutions when tasked with an obstacle.

  • We make things stress-free, simple and straight-forward.

Feeling Adventurous?

We simply adore couples who are daring. It brings a whole new element in our work. There's unpredictability, mystery, excitement and courage that goes into an adventurous day. We've had couples who literally walked hiking trails to find the perfect place to get married. That's something we admire.

"When we find the right clearing, that's where we will get married."

Stacie + Chris

Muir Woods National Monument


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